This bundle is designed to empower you to find your edge in life by identifying your biggest obstacles and creating a road map to claim your true, unlimited potential. 


"I had no idea how much I was living in my head.This program will empower you to breakthrough your biggest obstacle and create a roadmap for living authentically . I trust George because anything he creates, he fully immerses himself in an experience that leaves long-lasting change "

Coaching Call 

Think of me as your guide and mentor in your journey as we discover ways to unlock your true calling. You might not like what we discover, but I care you feel what you can become because this is your path, and it's time to choose sovereignty over playing small.

Emotional Freedom Blueprint

Your body holds the keys to the freedoms you seek.  Uncover who you are with a 5-day breathwork course designed to empower you to smash through your limiting beliefs so you can show up to life authentically.

Your Path

You'll get a signed copy of Nowhere To Go with a personalized note and plan, plus 6 weeks of daily emails from George to help you stay on track so you can connect with your heart, free yourself from the past, and tap into your potential. 



George Kalantzis knows life transitions. From a decade in the Marines, coaching thousands of hours on the gym floor,  divorce, single parenting, and overcoming a suicide attempt, he understands the unique challenges we all face in the fast past society of the modern world.

George is the author of Nowhere To Go, a podcast host, a decorative combat veteran, and a personal coach at the Art of Tough Transitions. 

With nearly twenty years of encounters with tough transitions, George empowers men and women to live life authentically by giving them the courage to find their voice and unlock their potential. He has the unique ability to speak to people in ways that make them feel seen and heard through a combination of prose, poetry, coaching, and experience that can only be found in the school of heart knocks.