If you are here, it's because you are holding onto something heavy....


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You hold in your short shallow breaths stagnant memories of the past.  As a result, you get stuck in bad habits, damaging behaviors, and predictable patterns that cause anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

But what if you could change all that with the power of your breath?


This is what The Spaces Between does for people. With the power of your breath, you uncover everything that has been holding you back and create meaningful, long lasting change. 



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Hey, maybe this isn’t for you, and that is okay, but if you are ready to overcome fear and self-doubt and have an open mind, then you just might have the most profound experience in your life...


Who Is George?

George Kalantzis is a Marine Corps combat veteran,  performance coach, author, and dad.



He found breathwork during his own healing journey and it has empowered him to break free from the past to find his voice but also allowed others to do the same. 




A single dad to a five-year-old daughter, George lives in New Hampshire where he enjoys the great outdoors and faces one of his toughest transitions to date—navigating the twists and turns that come from raising a little girl in today's world.



You can find him hosting his podcast and coaching at The Art of Tough Transitions. 

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